street zen

Following the last post, John Brown (Bass Player and 3D animator) sent this video through from Youtuber Ogmios and it is such a treat. Partly a car based exploration of parts of North London, with its unique socio-cultural communities and partly a meditation on road etiquette. It is a reminder that it is possible to be patient and to teach patience and positivity, even through the mode of a vehicle, as well as rendering some sharp humour and insight into being perceptive, deep and generous at the same time. Probably for every few hundred unthinking and impatient road users there is a single, shining gem like Ogmios, but something like this video (posted also as an ASMR work) takes even road traffic craft to the level of art and interaction between vehicles to a place of zen possibility. Ordinarily, cars can frequently end up being a capsule expression of self importance and reinforced, stultifying anger, as such a wonder like this deserves to endure and be shared, viewed and re-viewed, with its seedlike possibility of creating something else and different, that can transcend the shell that contains it.