I was first encouraged into blogging in 2004 by Mark Fisher, whose K-punk blog created a massive stir and helped propel some of Mark’s best and most important writing. However, it wasn’t for me at the time and I didn’t really engage for a number of years.
In the meantime, I had been making improvised music with the Eidetic Band as well as some solo songwriting and production. Making music and writing were a mainstay of focus while I also explored some visual arts production.

Rattle Journal (edited by Jon K. Shaw and Tom Robinson) published some written pieces while more recently I joined Fear of Fluffing collective of Hackney Wick which has led to a number of live music events (usually with the Butoh dancer Mai Nguyen Tri).

In 2015, following the Explorations of the Abstract blog (by Justin Barton) and Mark’s own later, commentless blogging (and with the broad wave of the blogosphere seemingly having passed) it felt like it was the point to return to this format.

Preparations for music under the name Solar Violet are also ongoing.

Aled Rees (2021)